Important Information If You Are Training Employees!
If you are using this site to support you in training your farm team, each staff member will need to create their own personal acco

All certificates and courses completed are linked to an individual's account (i.e., their unique user name and email address).
Certificates and completed courses or program levels cannot be linked to a farm or another person's account. 

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Level up your farm safety

Live Sessions & Events

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Get your farm's safety culture growing with
AgSafe Alberta SEED!

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Easy to Access

AgSafe Alberta SEED is an easy to use and flexible way to provide safety education and employee development opportunities to the people on your farm.
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A Useful, Free Tool

AgSafe Alberta SEED offers free and low-cost programs, courses, online events, and resources to support your farm or ranch in becoming a safer place to live and work.
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Farm Focused Learning

You live where you work and so does your family. Nature is your finicky business partner.  You perform a lot of high hazard work and face some unique challenges.  AgSafe Alberta recognizes this and develops resources and other tools designed specifically for you!

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Alberta Farm Safety Statistics


Farm fatalities in Alberta each year


are family members


days on average lost to an injury in 2020

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