The FARMERS CARE program is a simple, practical and free way that you can improve safety on your farm.

Unexpected things can happen to even the most experienced farmers.

Most of us know of someone who has died on a farm, and even more will know someone who has been injured or left permanently disabled.  Maybe something almost happened to you once…

AgSafe Alberta has created the free FARMERS CARE program to be:

  • A simple and effective tool
  • Focused on agricultural health and safety hazards
  • A realistic way to improve farm safety
  • A practical way to prevent injuries and save lives on farms and ranches
You don’t need any previous safety knowledge or experience; all that it will take is a couple of hours, a computer, tablet, or mobile device, and an internet connection!

What's included?

  • Guides, real stories, and additional resources that you can download and print
  • 16 short Animated Videos to support your learning
  • Peer discussion board
  • Technical support
  • Personalized Certificate of Completion
  • Digital badge for your email signature

Move at your own pace

FARMERS CARE is designed with you in mind! Each level will not take much time to complete. Your progress is saved as you work, allowing you to do what you can, when you can, and come back to it when you have the time.

Celebrate growing your safety culture

You will receive a personalized Certificate of Completion for your wall and a digital badge that you can proudly display and share with workers, visitors, clients, and suppliers.

Course Outline

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Frequently asked questions

Do I get a copy of my answers?

Yes, you will be able to print your answers to our safety questions from a report that is emailed to you after you complete the program.

If a hazard control measure is done or already in place on my farm, what do I write?

When entering your response to a question, if you have already put a hazard control measure in place, please write what you did and the word ‘done’ in brackets, for example:

People driving too fast down the driveway – Put up a sign that tells people there are children playing and not to drive faster that 15 km/hr (done).

When will I get my certificate?

You will receive your FARMERS CARE Level 1 certificate after:
  • You complete the FARMERS CARE Level 1 program, and

  • An administrator from AgSafe Alberta SEED reviews it to ensure no questions were missed

After this, you will get an email from us containing your personalized certificate along with a digital badge that you can download to place inside your email signature, website, social media, or wherever else!

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